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Flatten the curve with Social Distancing

Safe meeting is a tool designed to give an area size for any gathering, based on the number of people and the desired personal space for each attendee. This tool will help anyone managing a gathering of people to provide a safe and healthy environment for their workplace,  community event, school, or any other meeting environment. 


It is becoming increasingly important for people to really understand what it means to social distance. The idea of “6 feet apart” seems basic,  but there is a lot more to take into consideration than you think. We at Safe Meeting want to provide a tool that helps people understand how much space is really needed to have a healthy and safe personal space for everyone. Our tool can help factor in not only the actual space needed if everyone were to stand still, but can also help give you an idea of a space that allows for a buffer between people for their safe movement. The tool is entirely free and the Safe Meeting team has no profit motive. It was simply created to make a safer world as we move through this crisis in a responsible manner.


In a future that includes social distancing, we strive to help create safe, healthy, and properly-sized environments for all gatherings.

  •  Protect the health of loved ones

  • Create safe work and recreation environments

  • Ensure the safety of all

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  • Public Health Authorities

  • Institutions and Businesses

  • Government

  • COVID19 Task Forces

  • Unions

  • Emergency Management Agencies

  • Event Planners

  • Workplaces

  • Employers

  • All Public and Private Gatherings

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